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Study on the Role of the Robust Study Summary in Hazard Assessment with Practica...
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European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)
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Evidence that the person signing the documents is an authorised representative and Proof of enrolment in a relevant trade or professional register
We understand that a link to a national database free of charge can be provided – where should this the link be provided? So long as the link shows the legal representative’s name, would it be acceptable? Could a certificate of incorporation in conjunction with a link to a national database (as provided above) be used to satisfy this section?
ECHA confirms that a link to a free national database is acceptable as evidence for the selection criteria. Such link shall be provided in your offer (e.g. in the cover letter or in any other document that you feel appropriate). A certificate of incorporation, in addition to a link to a national database (e.g. Commercial registry, National Bank of enterprises, etc) will be considered acceptable if they provide all necessary information on the company (e.g. registration number, VAT number, date of creation, legal form and name)