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Provision of expert services for the revision, update and further development of...
European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA)
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Procurement procedure EASO/2017/589
Due to an error in your database the question could not be submitted on 29 December 2017. Following a message from the eTender Helpdesk a minute ago it should be able now. So here is the question: The IARLJ-Europe will propose to use the resource of an Editorial Team of judges and tribunal members to be responsible for editorial tasks in relation to the three services (review, update and development). Bearing in mind the description of resources set out in Section 1.3 of the Tender Specification and the description of responsibilities described therein, it is not clear for the purposes of completing the unit price per hour in the Financial Proposal Form SSF 9 whether: (I) the members of the Editorial Team should, for the purpose of the tender, be considered as includable within the category of researchers/didactic experts? (II) If not, whether the costs of the members of the Editorial Team, including some remuneration for their time spent on their tasks, should be taken into account within the unit price per hour of the researchers/didactic experts in the same way as the Project Administrator profile?
It is understood that the description of responsibilities of the researcher profile includes all content preparation related tasks. Therefore, editorial tasks are to be considered includable within the category of researchers.