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Event/meeting management and promotion services.
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
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SLA System (7ter). Follow up 7 bis
• Surveys are opinions (in this case about the quality of services). Opinions are unquestionably affected by subjective issues and emotions (“I am not in a good mood this when I answer this questionnaire because I am in trouble with my boss”) and exogenous factors (“the contractor could not provide a participant with the flight connections s/he had wanted because of an airline’s bad schedule but the contractor is held responsible, as a whole, and is given a low score). The contractor cannot be held responsible for these subjective issues and therefore not held accountable for the results. Sanctioning companies with financial penalties, especially with very heavy penalties (up to 50% of the total value of the contract), cannot be done so lightly and with such arbitrary criteria. Could you explain what do you plan to do to prevent the execution of the FWC to be jeopardised by this situation?
Surveys are opinions, as well the perceived reputation of EFSA. This is why EFSA’s events are designed to ensure the highest quality levels and an optimal user experience. In fact, so far the customer satisfaction rate of EFSA’s events as defined in the tender specifications (“excellent” + “good” scores) has been stably over the 80%. This sets a benchmark that EFSA is not willing to deviate from in the future to ensure performance continuity. Moreover, the questions asked to participants are factual and event-related (therefore, their score would hardly be influenced by factors that are completely unrelated to the event experience itself, apart from very exceptional cases that would anyhow be mitigated by the representativeness of the sample overall). We expect the contractor to be proactive in ensuring that this benchmark is met in the future, too. Therefore, we strive to excellence, and to ensure continuity with our historical customer satisfaction level (stably above 80%). This said for the survey to be valid; at least 60% of the event participants must have participated to the survey. This will avoid a single case to spoil the representativeness of the survey itself. EFSA will make sure that the questionnaire has a clear guidance on how to be impartial in the assessment of the quality. Finally, we again stress that penalties only apply to the contractor’s service fees and not to the all total value of the assignment, which would also include reimbursable costs.