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Mobility scheme for artists and/or culture professionals
European Commission, DG Education,Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC)
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In kind costs eligibility
Hello Asking for a more detailed information about what kind of In-kind cost are eligible and what kind are not in this call. As we understand voluntary work and rent for facility is not. The corresponding costs of third parties are not eligible under the grant, e.g. volunteer work, providing a meeting room for free, etc. The value of the contribution in kind must not exceed:  either the costs actually borne and duly supported by accounting documents;  or, in the absence of such documents, the costs generally accepted on the market in question. In-kind contributions shall be presented separately in the estimated budget to reflect the total resources allocated to the action. Their unit value is evaluated in the provisional budget and shall not be subject to subsequent changes. In-kind contributions shall comply with national tax and social security rules." Thank you Merilin merilin@looveuroopa.ee
Dear Madam, Thank you for your interest in the call for tenders "Mobility scheme for artists and/or culture professional". Please notice that this is a call for tender (Ref. EAC/18/2018) aiming at signing a contract, not a call for proposal aiming at giving a grant. Please be sure that you refer to the correct procedure. In this tender procedure, there is no "in kind contribution". Therefore, it’s up to the tenderer to decide how to best structure their offer and what price to indicate. Kind regards, DG EAC