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Discrepancy between "Contract notice" and "Tender specifications"
In the "Contract notice" document, the text under II.2.1) (Total quantity or scope) mentions "2 overlapping contracts" and both a "2015 survey" and a "2016 survey" for Lot 1, whereas for Lot 2 a total estimated volume of "around 50 person-months" is mentioned. In the "Tender specification", in the text for Lot 1 on page 7 reads "This lot covers the survey to be carried out in 2015." (in 2.1 Objectives) and "The duration of the work will be 29 months. The total volume of the work for the entire contract period is estimated to: • be around 50 person-months." (in 2.2 Volume of the contract). For Lot 2, the text on pages 13 and 14 of the "Tender specifications" reads "This lot concerns the surveys to be carried out in 2015 and 2016." (in 2.1 Objectives) and "The estimated volume of work for one contract amounts to: • around 25 person-months (i.e. the total volume is around 50 person-months)." (in 2.2 Volume of the contract). We assume that the text in the "Tender specifications" is correct and that text in II.2.1) of the "Contract notice" is mixed up. Is this assumption correct?
We confirm that the text in the Tender Specifications is correct and the text in the contract notice is mixed up. A corrigendum will be published in the coming days.