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In order to avoid any issue with eSubmission, please be careful to upload only documents with a format which is supported by the system. We remind the tenderers that, in case of issues with the upload of the tenders, the e-Submission helpdesk will only be available during business hours (i.e. until 6pm).
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European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)
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Login to EPALE is not possible
With reference to Corrigendum no. 1, step 2: "After confirmation of the EU Login account, the tenderer need to login to EPALE using the EU Login credentials (https://webgate.acceptance.ec.europa.eu/multisite/epale/ecas).”. Kindly note that this step is not working. In fact, it is not possible to login using an EU Login username and password at that address.
Thank you for the question. We are trying to fix the issue. Could you please try to connect via this adress instead: https://webgate.acceptance.ec.europa.eu/multisite/epale The login button is located below the main banner, on the top right of the webpage. When you click on it should open a pop up window which is entitled "User Account". Normally, you should have two options. On the one hand, under "Login to EPALE", you have the option of entering your "Username or e-mail" and, below "password". On the other hand, you have the option to "Login via EU Login". You should pick the second option ("Loging via EU Loging") by clicking on the "EU Login button". In principle, this should redirect you to the ECAS connexion webpage, where you can insert your EU Login username and password. Please let us know whether this solution works by submitting another question to that end. We will post a corrigendum accordingly.