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Administrative documents to submit
Dear sir/madam, Since this tender procedure runs via e-submission, please indicate whether you indeed want the Annex I form and trade registry uploaded. This information is all known via the PIC. Same goes for financial accounts and other economic/regulatory/legal capacity information. Thank you for the guidance.
Dear Madam, Annex 1 has to be provided as requested in ToR as it needs to be checked internally. The documents related to the financial capacity criteria instead are verified on the basis of the evidence uploaded in the participant register of the participant portal. Moreover, a tenderer is not required to provide documentary evidence if it has already been submitted for another procurement procedure and provided the documents were issued not more than one year before the date of their request by the contracting authority and are still valid at that date. In such case, the tenderer must declare on its honour that the documentary evidence has already been provided in a previous procurement procedure, indicate the reference of the procedure and confirm that that there has been no change in its situation.