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Leasing or Long-term Lease of Vehicles and Associated Services for Frontex Opera...
European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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Lenght of possibility of ordering cars
The framework contract lasts 4 years and the leasing period is 2 years. I understand that the installment and car leasing in force lasts 2 years in real terms, because if there was an order in the 3rd year, it would not fully fit into the length of the framework contract. I understand well? How quickly after winning the tender are you able to order all the cars? I am asking because the discounts assigned to a given model change over the years, even the models may change.
The duration of the FWC is 4 years. The leasing period is 2 years. According to the provision in point 2.1.3 Duration of the contract from Tender Specification “The FWC provisions shall continue to apply to the OFs after its expiry, but no longer than 6 months”. Therefore, to comply with the abovementioned the Contracting Authority can issue Order Form at any time during the period of validity of the contract, but not later than 2 years and a half after signature of the contract. Furthermore, following the provisions of point 3.3 Estimated volume of the contract from the Terms of Reference – “The 1st Order Form is estimated to be placed shortly after the signature of the FWC (within 2 weeks) possibly with the maximum number of units encompassed by the contract” the Contracting Authority consider the possibility to order the full amount of vehicles shortly after signature of the FWC.