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Declaration of Honour on selection criteria
In case of a joint offer, I understand that the leading partner must fill the Declaration of Honour on selection criteria. Nevertheless, in relation to the economic and financial capacity, should be the leading partner to fulfill the economic and financial criteria (2.4A) OR the combined capacity of all members of the group (as it is stated in the General Guidance of EFSA procurement)?
As indicated on page 27 of the tender specifications, in case of a joint offer from a group of economic operators, the Declaration on Honour on selection criteria should be completed and signed by the leading partner. The leading partner will declare that the tenderer (i.e. all members of the group in case of joint tender and subcontractors if applicable), complies with all the selection criteria for which a consolidated assessment will be made. In particular the economic and financial capacity can be met either by the leading partner alone or can be met through reliance on partners/ subcontractors in order to evidence the turnover requirements.