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European Parliament, DG Translation
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In reference to your response to Q93, please can you answer the following:We understand and agree with the requirement to contract with service providers who can deliver the best quality translations ready to use and delivered on time. As with any potential new supplier who works to the specific requirements of individual client organisations, rather than simply utilising an existing resource of linguists, we would conduct a tailored recruitment exercise to enhance our considerable existing resource in line with the specific requirements of the task. This would be conducted as soon as the requirement was confirmed. The period between award and go-live would be more than sufficient for this to take place. We would also use this period to gain permission from linguists for the release of personal data. With this, we would be in a position to deliver the service as required in good time prior to the commencement of the contract. With this, could the authority please outline why it is not permissible to submit the required information following award?
The Contracting Authority is looking for experienced translation service providers who are already established in that they already satisfy the minimum requirements for professional capacity at the date of dispatch of their tender.