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SMEs' Needs Analysis in Public Procurement
European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry,Entrepreneurshipand SMEs (...
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Evidence of professional activity
In your revised version of the tender specifications (12/9), in the checklist you have kept the phrase “Evidence of capacity to pursue the professional activity” but you have deleted the phrase “(see section 5.2.4)” which you mentioned in a previous clarification of yours that it was a clerical error. Could you please clarify what evidence of capacity you need and in what template?
Evidence of capacity to pursue the professional activity: Indeed, the part in brackets “(see point 5.2.4)” in the checklist was a clerical error and thus, it was deleted in the revised version of the tender specifications. For this call for tenders, tenderers do not need to prove specific legal and regulatory capacity to perform the contract. But please be advised that under point 5.2.3 - Evidence of the technical and professional capacity of the service provider(s) it is clearly stated that tenderers “… may be asked to prove that they are authorised to perform the contract under national law, as evidenced by inclusion in a professional or trade register, by a sworn declaration or certificate, by membership of a specific organisation, by express authorisation, or by entry in the VAT register.” This evidence is only to be submitted upon additional request by the EU validation services in the course of the procedure.