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Media monitoring and analysis services for Denmark.
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European Parliament, DG Communication (COMM)
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Specification - Technical requirements Media Monitoring
In point 3 A.2.5.(Mandatory Technical Requirements for the correct delivery of Press Reviews) of the specifications it is stated: Characteristics of PDFs: max 500KB per single PDF, output all text in black or RGB not in CMYK or grey, either/or portrait/landscape pages in a single PDF not both, avoid multilayers PDF containing too much metadata (only text layer preferred). See Annex Ib as example. We wish to ask how to relate if an article in PDF is larger than 500 KB? For example if the article is larger than one page?
The winning company has to make sure the PDFs comply to the specifications stated in this call for tender. If one PDF of the full review is larger than the average is ok. The number of pages in one PDF will not influence the weight as much if is only text as mentioned in the specifications.