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IT Infrastructure services
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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
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Standby services
With reference to “ Standby service” of the “EN-Tender Specifications_9196_IT_Infrastructure services”. It is stated that an IT FrontOffice analyst and an ICT server administrator need to be available always on standby. However, in the profiles’ description the standby task is included in more profiles (i.e. FrontOffice System Administrator, SharePoint Administrator). Could you please clarify which profiles should provide the standby services?
As described under in rare cases standby duty intervention is required (during 2016 in 20 cases) and the required service range is as mentioned for “possibility to recover critical systems, support the Epidemiologist on standby, support special missions and disease outbreaks and provide first line support for one single critical system also outside office hours.” At current we have a Frontoffice analyst and a System administrator on standby. The arrangement in your contract would obviously depend on the structure of your proposed team, so no defined answer can be provided.