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Launch date and deadline for offers
I noted in the Tender specifications that the launch date was supposed to be the 22 January. Will this influence the deadline i.e. will it still be 2nd March or will it be moved forward one week?
Please note that the launch date of the call was 22.01.18 as indicated in the tender specifications. The launch date is the date on which EFSA sent the request to the Official Journal, requesting the publication of a contract notice. The publication of the contract notice takes up to 7 days from the date of the request as it has to be translated into all EU languages and published but the official launch date remains as 22.01.18. The contract notice and consequently the procurement documents did not appear on EFSA website until Saturday 27.01.18 as this was the date that the translated contract notice became available from OJ – the launch date shown in the tender specifications is correct i.e. 22.01.18 and the deadline of 02.03.18 respects the legal minimum deadline of 37 calendar days for the submission of offers from the actual date of launch. The deadline for submission of offers remains as indicated in the tender specifications.