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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry,Entrepreneurshipand SMEs (...
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Many thanks for the clarification on question 19. Could you, however, provide us with the list mentioned in that question covering the 4 past years (including the current year). That list is crucial for us to be able to assess the impact of the financial constraints set on the items included in the interpretation package on the project business model. The ceiling pricefor the interpretation booth, including technician (110 €/day ) is, surprisingly, way below the best market prices (in Brussels and in the rest of the European Union). Should the proportion of events that include interpretation reach a critical level, the economic viability of the whole project would be at stake. We are sure you understand how important this issue is.
Please refer to the answer to the question n°17. A list of the recent meetings has been added to the documents published – October 2016 until 7th February 2018. This list is an example and the exact number of meetings with interpretation as well as the languages (except EN) are not known at this stage.