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Country report on technical textiles in Brazil, Japan, South Korea and the Unite...
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Regional scope of market data to be prepared
In the call for TOR for the technical proposal there is mentioned under Task 2 that not only the markets of Brazil, Japan, South Korea and USA shall be analyzed in the contemplated mission but also ‘…. a ranking for each product family of the respective country versus the world and the EU markets’ shall be carried out. Question: To which level of depth shall this World / EU market analysis be carried out in the course of the mission?
In the context of the task 2 of call for tenders the contractor has to provide, a ranking of the country versus the world and the EU markets for each of the 12 product-families of technical textiles products. This request serves the aim of the study to improve knowledge and to search for business opportunities in the markets of the mentioned countries. In this context the results of the study could become a tool for the EU companies to develop their internationalisation strategies though cooperation agreements or by searching export opportunities in promising niche markets. Therefore, the reference to the task 2 related to market analysis requests the contractor, to identify at least the two most important/representative products for each of the 12 product families.