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Please note that a NEW consolidated version of Annex I, Tender Specifications, is added to the Document library on 25.03.2015.
Framework contract for the provision of editing services for the European Enviro...
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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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Specifications p.10, Section 11.3.1, table. Criterion 2, Management approach in terms of organisation, flexibility and service orientation
This section has a maximum score of 20, and a minimum of 15 – which is a threshold of 75% - whereas Criterion 3, Quality assurance and control, has a maximum score of 20, and a minimum of 6 – which is a threshold of 30%. Given that these percentage thresholds are both unusual for tender criteria, can you please confirm that the maximum and minimum scores are correct for these criteria.
Thank you for drawing our attention on this clerical mistake. The minimum threshold for the award criteria No 2 and 3 shall read 10 points, i.e. 50% of the maximum score. As stated in section 11.3.1 of the tender specifications, tenders shall score at least 50% for each award criterion and at least 65% overall in order to be considered further in the next stage of the evaluation process. For convenience sake a consolidated version of the tender specifications including the present clarification has been published on the e-tendering website, in Section "Document library".