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Multiple Mixed Framework Contract for the Implementation of the Green Advisory S...
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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA)
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Payment arrangement for Lot 1
Can you please clarify and confirm what is the payment arrangement for the Contractor in Lot 1? Based on the Tender Specifications and on the Draft Contract, we have identified 2 possible schemes, presented below, which seem contradicting each other: On one side, Article I.6 of the Draft Contract indicates 3 interim payments, of 20%, 30% and 40% of the price of the specific contract. Such payments are to be done against the submission and approval of Interim Reports, as indicated in the description of implementation task 6 – Monitoring and Reporting (p. 31 of the Tender Specifications). We are assuming these payments are done on an annual basis and regardless of the type of remuneration involved. On the other side, Item 5.3 of the Tender Specifications refers to different payment schemes according to different types of remuneration and with a non-annual periodicity. For example, it is referred that implementation tasks 3 and 4 (based on unit costs remuneration) will be paid twice a year and based on a % share which is dependent upon the progress with the stage of implementation of the requests for advisory services. As another example, implementation task 5 (pass-through payment) costs should be paid in advance by the contractor.
Please refer to reply to Question44.