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IT consultancy services in the area of spatial dataflow development, management ...
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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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English (en)
Question details
Limit maximum one A4 page per scenario
Can you please clarify if annexes with additional information can be included in the tender, to supplement the information included in the one A4 page limit per scenario, for the technical offer? Will these annexes be considered for the evaluation (award criteria) regarding the technical offer? We ask this, as we have found in tenders with another European Agencies, where we have adhered to the specified limits indicated in the tender specifications, only to find that the contracting authority has also valued additional technical information included in annexes.
Please bear in mind that your tender should be self-explanatory and easy to understand. According to section 12.3.1 of the tender specifications, third paragraph, the assessment of the award criteria will be based on your descriptions (maximum one A4 page per scenario), not taking into account any additional information elsewhere in the tender (e.g. from websites or other publications). The requested descriptions may exceptionally exceed one A4 page, though it is in your interest to keep your tender concise and well structured.