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SESAR Joint Undertaking
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What is the maximum percentage of subcontracting foreseen by the Contracting Authority?
In accordance with paragraph 2.4.2 (page 21/22) of the tender specifications (corrigendum 1), “all contractual tasks may be subcontracted unless the Technical specifications expressly reserve the execution of certain critical tasks to the sole tenderer itself, or in case of a joint tender, to a member of the group”. For this call for tenders (ref. S3JU/LC/004-CFT), the Contracting Authority did not identify any specific critical task which shall be performed exclusively by the sole tenderer or by a member of a group (in case of joint tender). Nevertheless, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that according to the above-mentioned paragraph 2.4.2 of the tender specifications, “subcontracting is the situation where the contractor enters into legal commitments with other economic operators which will perform part of the contract on its behalf. The contractor retains full liability towards the Contracting authority for performance of the contract as a whole.”