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15.CAT.OP.042 - ‘Cyber defence training and exercise, coordination and support p...
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European Defence Agency (EDA)
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On several pages exercises and cyber ranges (eg. pages 10 and 11 )are listed. Could you please give a further description of such an exercise and a cyber range. Does this aim at a live exercises or virtual exercises?
The CD TEXP shall be capable to manage and support different exercise formats ranging from table top exercises (comparable to NATO Cyber Coalition) over procedural exercises up to hands on technical exercises like CCD COE exercise Locked shields. In the context of this tendering procedure a cyber range conceptually consist of a research range, a simulation & test range and training & exercise range with complementary functionality packages: • Cyber Research Range (CRR) A facility where in close cooperation with research centers, private sector, academic institutions knowledge development (research) takes place. Where newly gained knowledge can be utilized in new products, processes and/or services (development). A facility where e.g. ICT, Network Information & Architecture (NII) in a variety of configurations and circumstances can be analyzed. Currently used systems can be analyzed as well. • Cyber Simulation & Test Range (CSTR) A facility within the cyber range where the current ICT-reality of a specific network configuration can be simulated, in which possible effects of cyber operations can be tested. The CSTR enables experimental testing of cyber capabilities in a realistic manner, but in a safe, isolated setting. • Cyber Training & Exercise Range (CTER) In order to achieve the necessary growth and sustainability in human capital a state-of-the-art training & exercise functionality is needed. Modeling & Simulation is a valuable asset where knowledge and skills concerning cyber capabilities and cyber operations can be trained and tested. A setting where cyber operators under simulated circumstances can be trained for utilizing cyber capabilities. The CD TEXP shall not provide a cyber range but should be able to provide management and support functionalities and capacities to a federation of existing cyber ranges in accordance with the functionalities as outlined on pages 10-15 (here especially 15 with respect to the cyber ranges management module.