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Prestación de servicios de mensajería urgente de ámbito nacional e internacional...
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Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs)
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7. What type of report would OHIM request that would trigger 60 and 90 day timelines for payment of balance especially if ongoing reports already provided? 8. Is tenderer expected to advise delivery with 4 working day notice, between 0900 & 1200, bear all all delivery costs & risks, transfer goods from delivery bay to x-ray inspection bay to reception storeroom to (reload) office building? Global express transportation integrators depend on very short pickup & dropoff windows & are not in a positon to provided additional warehouse management functions driven by other (non transportation) OHIM contractors agreements with OHIM 9. Upon delivery, global express transportation integrators typically do not provide duplicate signed & dated consignment notes indicating contract/purchase order information of other (non transportation) OHIM contractors, nor is OHIM countersignature (except POD signature) provided by global express transportation integrators 10. Certificates of conformity or refusal of contracted supplies is responsibility of shipper (other OHIM non transportation contractor) & OHIM. The practical exception is that any visible damage/loss should be noted by OHIM upon delivery 11. Please reconfirm that Performance guarantee is not required of tenderer 12. Please reconfirm whether Contract fixed price document is required of tenderer; if so, please advise which fields must be populated & executed in tender response 13. Please confirm that OHIM requires completion & execution of Annex III - Reception and whether this file is considered duplicative of Annex 3 Draft Framework Contract, Contract fixed price, Annex III - Reception
7. As indicated in Annex III, payment shall be made by bank transfer within 30 calendar days of receipt of the invoice. In case that a report is requested the Office will provide a template to the contractor. 8. The delivery means the transfer from bay to x-ray inspection bay to reception storeroom of the office building. 9. Indeed, this is the practice. The OHIM will sign the consignment but will not request any duplicate of this document. The delivery note on the package is sufficient. 10. Indeed, if any visible damage/loss is noted by OHIM upon delivery, it will be notified to the Contractor immediately. This issue will be under the responsibility of the Contractor. In certain cases, always upon request by the OHIM, the Contractor must insure a given dispatched or collected item against breakage, loss or any other eventuality. 11. As indicated in section 15 of Annex I, the Contract does not require the deposit of a bank performance guarantee. 12. This document is a model to be used during the implementation of the contract. Therefore, this document must not be filled and provide with the tender response. 13. Please see response of question 12.