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Prestación de servicios de mensajería urgente de ámbito nacional e internacional...
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Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs)
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4. Free of charge packaging can be identified but due to compliance & legal issues, shippers are responsible for packing, labeling, insurance (can be contracted through tenderer), and certain aspect of export & import documentation that carriers are prohibited from completing on shippers' behalf 5. Certain shipping & clearance documents must be provided by OHIM shippers/consignees by law 6. Tenderer can take action to minimizing unauthorized shipping but shipments tendered with appropriate account # or from habitual shipping sites will be carried by tenderer and tenderer should reasonably expect to be be paid
4. Indeed, the shipper is not in charge of packing, but is responsible to provide packaging. 5. If the Office must sign any shipping/clearance document, it will be done by the relevant person at the reception storeroom of the office building. 6. As indicated in section 3.3 of the Annex II, the OHIM shall inform the Contractor sufficiently in advance of the list of people authorised to request dispatches and/or collections and imports, as well to sign delivery notes. Therefore, the Contractor must check this authorisation. In any case, payment of any service under this invitation to tender assumed by persons not included on the aforementioned list shall be duly refused by the OHIM.