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Framework Contract for the Establishment of an ESF+ Support Centre
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European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (EMPL)
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Question details
1- In relation to Lot2, we would like to have the following clarifications: a) Could you clarify if the unit costs that should be presented in Annex 6 would cover only the expert fees (net of travel and accommodation costs) or should include all relevant costs to deliver a half day event/activities (target capacity building, tailored training….) as detailed in the ToR b) In Pillar 2, the contractor could be required to “organize” travel and accommodation for participants and logistics. Could you confirm that the contractors will be not required to cover (pay) those costs? c) Could you confirm that travel and accommodation (both for experts and participants), and venue costs should not be included in any of the cells of Annex 6 (unit costs, surcharges, Price quote table)? d) To get comparable prices with other tenderers, could you specify the type of service (online/in presence), number of participants, number of experts of category II involved, to be considered for each of the services in table “2- Price quote table” of Annex 6? Otherwise please clarify how is it possible to define a price per services in absence of information on the above variables e) Table “2- Price quote table” of Annex 6 does not include any reference to the preparation and management of the Community of Practice. Do we have to include the COP costs in Pillar2 -Service 3? If yes, should the 10 meetings foreseen per year include also the COP meetings or they will be additional events? f) According to the contract notice, the maximum estimated value for the FC under Lot2 is 2,500,000.00 EUR. Would this amount include all costs related to the service such as travel and accommodation cost of participants and experts, venue ..?
Good morning and thank you for your questions, which answers you can find below: a) Please note that the unit cost shall include the expert fees but shall not include the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs of the experts (reimbursable expenses); see Commission Decision C(2021)35 final, authorising the use of unit costs for travel, accommodation and subsistence costs under an action or work programme under the 2021-2027 multi-annual financial framework. Please note that no reimbursement of these costs is foreseen if the service takes place online. The tenderers are required to include all relevant costs to deliver the services except for the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs of the experts. b) and c) The tenderer might be responsible for the logistical costs of the service. This will be specified in the specific contracts and should therefore be included in the tenderers' offers. As for the participants costs, they are reimbursable under the contract under Commission Decision C(2021)35 final. d) Page 6 of the administrative specifications indicates that the estimated distribution of deliveries among the different locations and online is as follows: 75% in-presence and 25% online. Tenderers should reflect this in their price quote tables. As for participants, tenderers should indicate the price per number of participants. As an estimation, targeted capacity-buildings and tailored trainings, should count around 10 participants. The estimated number of participants for all other services are mentioned in the price offer (from page 57 of the administrative specifications). As for experts, it is up to tenderers to propose how many experts would be needed for each service. e) Specific contracts for the establishment of COPs will be made up of services which price tenderers indicated in the other parts of Annex 6. f) The maximum FWC ceiling include all costs (including reimbursable ones). Best regards, the ESF+ Support Centre EC team