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Framework Contract for the Establishment of an ESF+ Support Centre
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European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (EMPL)
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Estimated annual purchase of services in LOT1 and 2
Dear EC team, the tender says that the price quote table gives an estimation of the future service purchased within a year. Could you please explain how the volumes of the services in LOT1 & LOT2 can be exactly the same for pillar 1 & 2 while the financial framework of LOT 1 is 9.5 m EUR and for LOT2 2.5 m EUR? (In our understanding the difference of pillar 3 represents only a small part of the services.) Thank you
Good morning and thank you for your question. The financial offer will only serve the purpose to be able to have a fair and objective evaluation and comparison. The maximal ceilings of the lots will be respected in the specific contracts. Best regards, the ESF+ Support Centre EC team