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The tender deadline has been extended. The financial offer form and Annex 7 have been adjusted see document library.
HADEA/2022/OP/0011 – Multiple Framework Contracts in Cascade for Support Actions...
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European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)
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Price offer
We see that the price offer for this assignment requires unit costs for different sub-tasks. However the technical specifications do not define the scope and scale of the sub-tasks in a way that would allow to define unit costs. The scale and scope of the different sub-tasks is influenced by considerations such as number of countries, number of practices, number of respondents to engage in testing (sample size is related to number of treatments), complexity of the IT system to design, etc. There are no scope and scale requirements in the ToR which would allow defining unit costs that would apply to all assignments coming under this framework contract. How will you therefore ensure that the unit costs are defined based on a common and standard understanding among all tenderers and therefore allow fair comparison?
The nature of the FWC is in line with a needs-based approach, reflecting policy requirements arising throughout the FWC timeframe and included in the EU4Health Annual Work programme (AWP) cycle. Hence specific quantification of the amount of work expected under each of the tasks and sub-tasks is not possible ex ante and will be outlined through specific contracts launched under this FWC. The financial offer form and proposed unit prices should reflect your knowledge of and expertise in the specific policy area and the state of the art as regards the tasks and sub-tasks included in the tender. Nevertheless, the following elements can complement the narrative description in the tender specifications (TS) of each set of tasks/ sub-tasks: •The overall ceiling of the FWC (EUR 3M in the next 4 years); •The case study on combined health warnings for heated tobacco products included in the TS; •The EU4Health AWP 2021 and AWP 2022 already include two topics which would potentially be launched in 2023; •AWP 2021 topic ‘DP-p-13.1 - Tobacco control policy, implementation and enforcement of tobacco control’ legislation addresses the area of health warnings (mirroring the case study included in the TS) •AWP 2022 topic ‘CR-p-22-12.01 and 12.02 Tobacco control policy, implementation and modernisation of tobacco control legislation’ addresses IT aspects of data analysis, reflected under the subtasks 8.2 & 8.3 description of the TS.