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Delivery and installation of prefabricated Data Center with delivery and install...
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Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR)
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Questions according to tender NEAR/TGD/2022/EA-OP/0142
Question 8 The cooling unit can be mounted in three mounting types (internal mounting, partial mounting and external mounting), made of Aluminium AlMg3 (due to anti-corrosion capabilities) with surface finish of UV- resistant pure polyester. Question 9 Mobile Data Centre IT Container Inside room dimensions HxWxD according to solution approx. ISO 2.6m x 2.4m x 5.7m, or approx NON-ISO 2.6m x 2.8m x 5.7m Here you mentioned approximately dimensions. What is allowed level of deviation? Question 10 Is it possible for the director, with his statement under full criminal and material liability, guarantees the knowledge and expertise of his employees who would be engaged in the execution of the Contract, that they, regardless of the fact that they do not have certificates, possess all the necessary knowledge and skills for the quality fulfillment of all obligations from the project, and what is additionally proven by confirmed references from the user on the execution of the same or similar works?
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