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Annex 2 - Declaration of Honour
Footnotes 1, 4, & 5 in Annex 2 (the Declaration of Honour template) provides an administrative short-cut for bodies that have made similar declarations for "the same EU institution, agency, body, or office". Our publicly funded organisation has frequently made submissions under the current Horizon and the Erasmus programmes. Does this suffice? Or must such a previous declaration within the last 12 months be identical to the declaration in Annex 2 for this call?
An economic operator may reuse a Declaration on honour which has already been used in a previous procedure. In this case, it must confirm that the information contained in the document continues to be correct. The contracting authority must waive the obligation for a tenderer to submit the documentary evidence if it has already been submitted for another procurement procedure of the same contracting authority and provided the documents were issued not more than one year earlier and are still valid at the date of their request by the contracting authority. In such cases, the candidate or tenderer must declare on its honour that the documentary evidence has already been provided in a previous procurement procedure, provide reference to that procedure and confirm that that there has been no change in the situation. Therefore, in your particular case, if the evidence on Declaration on Honour was submitted to EISMEA in the context of grant award procedures, unfortunately, it cannot be re-used for this procurement procedure.