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Can the process of support for SMEs, which is described in the tender specifications EASME/COSME/2015/028, be implemented among the entrepreneurs of SMEs within a single Member State? Or it has to be implemented among the entrepreneurs of different EU Member States. If the latter, what is the minimum number of countries that has to participate in the project?
At the end of the project, the contractor(s) will be expected to prepare a report and guide book describing and analysing the whole process that was implemented to support in practice the targeted SMEs for them to successfully access/interact with markets situated outside the EU. The contractor(s) will be expected to describe in detail all aspects related to the assistance that was provided during the implementation of the test project that were useful/indispensable to coach targeted SMEs into their first international experience. With regard to the description of the required processes, the offer should include proven methodologies and tools to help SME management staff and internationalisation advisers of business intermediary organisations to initiate the internationalisation process. The Guide book should contain learning modules, examples, exercises and a best practices compendium resulting from the piloting phase implemented by the most successful participants (please see page 17-18 in the tender specification for more details). The tenderer(s) shall suggest the exact number of SMEs they intend to target. Each EU and COSME participating country should possibly be represented by at least one SME. If processes differ from member state to member state, this should be reflected in the guidebook to be produced by the contractor(s).