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'Archibus migration and consulting services'.
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European Commission, Office for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels (OIB)
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Section 2.3.1 : Energy Performance Management
In this section of the Tender Specification Document : you mention this " Record specific work requests which include, for each building, the monthly consumption (in euro, kWh, or m³) of energy (gas, electricity, fuel) and water. To calculate the energy performance (in kWh/m² of normalised primary energy). To monitor developments over a period of 10 years." " There are two ways to interpret this - Either the goal is to provide a simple mechanism, by using the preventive maintenance procedures, to generate tickets asking a technician to capture meter values of various equipment on a regular basis, but without further advanced analysis. - Or the goal is to provide a complete set of feature allowing to track energy consumption based not only on (manual) meter values but also other means (e.g. invoice tracking, etc.) and then automatically derive energy performance indicators by normalizing this data with sqm/fte etc. thus allowing to benchmark buildings / sites and identify anomalies. Since the approach has an impact on effort and modules to acquire, we need to better understand your expectations.
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