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Eligibility of fees
In order to encourage local representatives to identify and recruit selected SMEs, is it authorized to provide fees to them for each SMEs recruited? If yes, are these fees also possible if the local representatives are EEN members? Do they have to declare these fees under the Revenues’ financial statements category? Is it possible for an EEN partner involved in the implementation of this action to received fees per SMEs recruited and to declare the time spent on this action under its EEN staff costs category in the financial statements? Can we also provide fees for each targeted 3rd countries SMEs recruited by a local representative in these targeted 3rd countries?
The financing and reporting of results for the action “Supporting SME internationalisation - increasing EU SME's readiness to internationalise in target markets” shall remain separate from the Enterprise Europe Network project, i.e. results and costs incurred for the implementation of this action cannot be reported under the Framework Partnership Agreements & Specific Grant Agreements signed by Enterprise Europe Network partners. Organisations which have signed a Framework Partnership Agreement & Specific Grant Agreement and willing to contribute to the implementation of this action need to ensure that all activities are carried out on top of the usual Network activities. How the recruitment of local companies will be organised and financed, remains in the hand of each individual bidder and should be explained in the offer submitted to EASME. Tenderers may include some costs needed to identify suitable SMEs in the overall financial offer.