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Please note that the deadline for the submission of tenders has been extended until 29th March 2016 (17h00 in case of hand delivery.
Film-making services.
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European Court of Auditors (ECA)
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Description of the production
We didn’t find any detailed information regarding the specification of the kind of production required. Is it possible to know where and when the production will take place and which could be the frequency of the requests? Where can we find this kind of information?
There is no detailed information concerning the future projects (specific contracts). The exact content, description of the future project (specific contract), place and time of production will be decided when a need for a specific project arises. The purpose of this tendering procedure is to conclude identical contracts with up to 5 contractors who, when a need for a specific project arises, will receive the description of the project and will be invited to tender for the project (specific contract). Please see also point 1.1. of the tender specifications.