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Provision of Management Consultancy Services for the EUAA
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European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA)
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Reimbursement of expenses
Dear Sir / Madam, In the draft of the FwC, it is stated that “Reimbursement of expenses is not applicable to this FWC” (I.5.3). However in II.22, that travel and subsistence expenses may be reimbursed in special conditions, what would be these special conditions? Thank you in advance.
The draft Framework contract published is divided into 2 parts: Part I “Special conditions” (see title on page 3) and Part II “General conditions for the Framework contract for services” (see title page 17). As indicated in Article I.1. ORDER OF PRIORITY OF PROVISIONS: If there is any conflict between different provisions in this FWC, the following rules must be applied: (a) The provisions set out in the special conditions take precedence over those in the other parts of the FWC. […] Therefore the special condition stipulating that “Reimbursement of expenses is not applicable to this FWC” (I.5.3). prevails over the general condition. As a consequence “reimbursement of expenses” is not applicable to this FWC.