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Please note that the deadline for the submission of tenders has been extended until 29th March 2016 (17h00 in case of hand delivery.
Film-making services.
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European Court of Auditors (ECA)
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Documents to be supplied concerning the Technical Offer
In the tender specification, section 9.1, sub-section b) you request a storyboard and production schedule for a 2 minute video. Is it admissible to suggest an animation video and supply the requested storyboard and schedule based on this assumption, if we feel that an animation might be suitable for addressing the specified topic and target audience?
Yes, the type of video is not fixed by the Court. It is up to the tenderers to choose a type they deem the most appropriate and propose a story board and production schedule. The tenderers shall bear in mind that the costs of this video shall be consistent with the price offered by the tender in Form 7 in Annex 3 (Price schedule) for 2-minutes film.