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Please note that the deadline for the submission of tenders has been extended until 29th March 2016 (17h00 in case of hand delivery.
Film-making services.
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European Court of Auditors (ECA)
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Question details
Financial offer
The financial offer as it is currently does not represent the complexity of film editing, and therefore the related costs. Is it possible to modify the sections of the current price offer in order to provide a more accurate estimate?
The price requested by the Court and included in the form of financial offer is lump-sum type price, which shall cover all the costs for the production of a 1-min/2-min/3-min/4-min film taking into account all services listed in the tasks description [without going into specific details]. This formula will allow the Evaluation Committee to compare the offers. Once a specific request (invitation to tender for a specific project) which gives all details of the specific project is sent to the contractors, the tenderers will have the possibility to prepare a technical and financial offer more adapted to the requirements of that specific project.