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Drivers of corporate bond market liquidity.
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Breakdown of costs
The ToR mentions under Point 2.4 Award Criteria for "Organisation of the Work" the following: "The tender should include a summary table indicating the members of the team and describing their roles and involvement in each project phase. It should also include breakdown of costs per team member and number of hours / days each team member will spend on each project phase." Does this mean that a full budget incl. day allocation and day rates should be included in the technical proposal? Or should we instead only include a table with the day allocation in the technical proposal and keep the financial information separate (i.e. only include it in the financial proposal)? Many thanks for your explanations!
Dear Madam, Dear Sir, The summary table described in article 2.4 is a tool to assess the tender from the criterion "organisation of the work" and would allow the evaluation committee to evaluate the adequacy of the tender's allocation of time and resources in each project phase. The general table of breakdown of costs provided in Annex 4 - Financial Offer provides details on the staff costs mentioned in the financial offer.