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EU Knowledge Hub on Prevention of Radicalisation
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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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TENDER SPECIFICATIONS Part 2: Technical specifications
Page 22, Task 3.1.1 In the task description it is indicated that each Thematic panel is led by 1 panel leader and 1 back-up panel leader, who are both appointed by the Commission. Could you please indicate if for the financial proposal, a fixed fee per meeting or per year must be taken into account? If yes, please provide information on the fee and confirm the contractor would be expected to issue a contract with the panel leaders and back-up.
Technical specifications state (task 3.1.1): "The Commission will set up Thematic panels with a mandate of 2 years each. Each panel will meet up to 4 times per year in hybrid meetings. The role of the Secretariat is to ensure the payment to the panel leaders and the back-up panel leaders for their participation per meeting (not a monthly allowance)." Therefore, it is about the remuneration of a leader per meeting and the price list requires an amount per panel.