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Educational campaign on EU topics, PO/2016-03/BUC.
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European Commission, DG Communication (COMM)
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Question details
Professional experience and Checklist
In the tender dossier is a discrepancy between the requirements from Annex I – Tender Specifications and those from Annex IV – Checklist of documents to be provided with the Tender. According to ‘Section 8: Exclusion and Selection criteria’ from Annex I – Tender Specifications, all the documents listed in Annex IV must be included in the tender. In Annex IV – Checklist of documents to be provided with the Tender are included two sets of documents, one of which doesn’t have to be presented with the tender: • Part A – Checklist of Documents to be provide with tender (technical tender, financial tender, identity of tenderer). • Part B – Documents which do not need to be submitted with the tender but which you need to be prepared to submit without delay (evidence regarding exclusion criteria, legal and regulatory capacity, financial and economic capacity, technical and professional capacity). According to the answer published by the Contracting Authority on 04/04/2016 18:43, the following documents - LEF, BAF, CVs of the Key Experts and list of subcontractors - must be presented with the tender. Please clarify the discrepancy mentioned above. Furthermore, please clarify the list of documents that must be presented with the tender.