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Multiple framework contract with reopening of competition for the provision of S...
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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Frontex/OP/131/2016/AH_PwC_selection criteria
The questions we have refers to one of the selection criteria - III.4.3 Technical and professional capacity: "The Tenderer shall prove its technical and professional capacity to perform the contract. This capacity will be evaluated using the following criteria: [...] 3) Three confirmed references for successful projects completed by the Tenderer in the most recent 3 years for implementation of SP solutions for at least 100 users each". Could you advice us please on the following matters: 1. Confirmed references - can they be confirmed by Tenderer's statement or should we also provide customer reference contact information? 2. Completed in the most recent 3 years - does it mean that project end date should be not earlier than 7 June 2013?
1. Confirmed references shall be understood as reference letters issued and signed by the Clients (copies shall be acceptable). 2. Your understanding is correct - the project end date should be not earlier than 7 June 2013 (the reference to the tender submission date is made).