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Supporting the internationalisation of EU tourism operators, the promotion of tr...
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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English (en)
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- In regards to the online website/portal (work package 1) for this project, will it need to be available in different languages? If so, may we know which ones?
Please note that the contractor, within the context of WP1, will be asked to produce, among other things, tutorial materials and webinars that will feed the existing Tourism Business Portal and Virtual Tourism Observatory. These portals are owned by the Commission, targeting mainly European undertakings/operators and are currently developed only in English. Therefore the contractor will be asked to create the above said content in English. The contractor will also be asked to promote the B2B events. Footnote 16 states that: "The promotion of this Action and B2B events should be done via websites, networks, social media, web bannering and other communication tools in all the Member States in order to ensure a balanced geographical representation. Existing EU platforms like Enterprise Europe Network, ELAN -Europe-Latin America Business Network-, EBOs and Asia Coordination Platform must also be exploited for diffusion of this information". Therefore, it is up to the tenderer to identify the most effective communication tools and - taking into consideration the communication tools and channels selected and the target of the communication activity – propose the language regime for the advertising. It is important to note that the specifications do not require to set up an online website/portal. However, this could be possible if the tenderer considers that it is useful for the project implementation. It is the onus of the tenderer to justify its decision and demonstrate its added value.