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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Language criteria
- Regarding the B3 criteria for language quality check (page 25 of technical specifications), we understand the assigned team needs to have at least 2 members with B2 level skills in all languages of the international target markets. However, we would just like to clarify if it is necessary to have at least 2 team members speaking each language, or if we can have, for instance, 3 team members that in total have B2 language skills in all 5 languages.
The call states that at least 2 members of the team should have "at least B2 level in the Common European Framework for Reference for Languages in the languages of the international target markets". This should be understood as: "for each language spoken in the 5 target markets there should be in the team at least 2 members having a B2 level knowledge of that language". There could therefore be 2 or more persons in the team satisfying this criterion because theoretically 1 member of the team may have a B2 level knowledge of all languages spoken in the 5 target markets.