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Multiple framework contract with reopening of competition for the provision of S...
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European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
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Question details
ROAD MAP for SP platform solutions
We would like to ask you for more details on Agency´s possible ROAD MAP of future requirements for different solutions using elements of SP. We are afraid some of your current external contractor in case of SP elements (e.g. Asseco or have much more information then "normal" participant of this call for tenders and can make much more more satisfactory bid. They can for example put more matching items - COTS + 3rdP existing software - to the Official Price List (6.3.6. Delivery of Software). Their bid will be naturally more convenient and probably cheaper. To avoid any possible unfair competition we encourage you to provide all competitors with more detailed information.
The TOR provides concise yet comprehensive description of the current status of SP based developments taking place right now in the Agency and the ones planned for the future (TOR 5.1 Current Situation, 5.2 Target Situation and 6.4 Indicative Implementation Plan for the FWC). The TOR presents the dependencies to other projects (e.g. Intranet, DMS and others) that will affect the level of demand for services under this FWC. There is no more detailed action plan for this contract to be shared at this stage. In the perception of Frontex, the competition is fully transparent and equal to all possible tenderers. The evaluation process and criteria are clearly defined in TOR, chapter 11. Evaluation. None of the criteria depends on products developed for Frontex in the past. A large number of evaluation criteria are based on the tenderer approach to the hypothetical scenario which is defined equally for any potential tenders. It should be kept in mind that the official price list and its components are not taken into account in the evaluation for this FWC, neither in the technical nor in the financial evaluation.