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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Financial Identification form
In the Tender specifications there is requested at the section “IDENTIFICATION OF THE TENDERER: LEGAL CAPACITY AND STATUS” Financial Identification form Please confirm that it is accepted to submit a copy “according to the original” after the Financial Identification Form, considering it is a general document requested in submitting tenders and it is not issued separately for each procedure.
As specified in Section 3.3.1. of the tender specifications "A tenderer (or a member of the group in case of joint tender, or a subcontractor) is not required to submit the documentary evidence if it has already been submitted for another procurement procedure and provided the documents were issued not more than one year before the date of their request by the contracting authority and are still valid at that date. In such cases, the tenderer must declare on its honour that the documentary evidence has already been provided in a previous procurement procedure, indicate the reference of the procedure and confirm that that there has been no change in its situation".