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AO 10650 ‘Provision of IT services related to the Documentum platform’
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Publications Office of the European Union (OP)
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Maintenance Services
With reference to Annexes • AnnexVIa_6_PlanDD- JIRA tickets • AnnexVI_b_9_PLANJO - JIRA tickets • Annex_VI_c_8-PLANPUBLI - JIRA Tickets Could you please clarify the following? 1. We understand that the effort presented in these excel sheets is measured in man-days? Could you please confirm or clarify? 2. We also understand that the maintenance services in these excel sheets are included under category “Bug” or “Assistance”, while “Improvements” and “New Features” fall under the evolution services. Could you please confirm or clarify? 3. Since several bugs / assistance requests do not include an effort, could you please provide us with an average effort consumed for the maintenance services during the previous 4 years of the contract per application?
1. Your understanding is correct. 2. Your understanding is correct. 3. What is mentioned in the table without effort represents bugs fixed under the warranty of the application, for which we therefore cannot provide the requested average effort.