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"A typo has been corrected in Annex 7. The form has been replaced on 26/5/2016"
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Annex 4, Model 1 Simplifying the signature process.
The provided annex 4 has templates for "Power of Attorney" that as I understand is allowed to have separate signature pages for each partner, or all signatures on the same page. Could it be allowed to have a similar document where all partners is not listed on the first page and only a given name for the tendering consortium and the "leading contractor" is noted? This would make it possible for each separate partner to sign a "complete Power of Attorney" early in the tendering process. The problem with the annex 4 is: a) the final members of a larger consortium can only be known and listed when all partners has provided their supporting documents. This is a process that takes a lot of time. b) it is impossible for many possible partners to sign a separate signature page "in blanco" before the entire document is prepared. c) the time to circulate original documents (after the partners has been listed) for signaturing amongst the partners would be too long, allowing maximum two signatures per week.
In principle all consortium members should sign the same power of attorney. In case of very large consortia, members can provide individual letters of attorney, but Annex 4 template cannot be altered. Please just add "not applicable" in the corresponding places.