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Identifying market and regulatory obstacles to the development of private placem...
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European Commission, DG Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Mark...
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Dear Sir/Madam, I would very much appreciate if you could consider my request. Our consortium will submit a reply to the call for tenders FISMA/2015/146(03)/C. Based on the Annex 3, my understanding is that the consortium doesn't have to submit the list of studies/publications/projects requested for both the economic and legal part of the study at this stage. If the contract is awarded to us, then the consortium will have to submit the list and supporting evidence within the deadline given by the contracting authority. Is my understanding correct? Many thanks, [...]
Dear Madam, The evaluation of the selection criteria is to be made based on the basis of your declaration on honour (Annex 3), no supporting evidence is requested to be submitted at this stage (submission of offers). However, please note that the contracting authority reserves the right to require such evidence (on the technical and professional capacity), at any time during the procurement procedure and, of course, after contract award; in such cases you are supposed to provide the requested evidence without delay or within the deadline given by the contracting authority. With best regards, EC FISMA CONTRACTS