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Support facility for the network of broadband competence offices (BCOs).
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European Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Developement (AGRI)
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Main Task 3.1 - Cross-analysis
Under MT 3.1 (b) the contractor is required to “document on a quarterly basis the results of the cross-analysis of measure implementation based on the information provided by the BCOs and on their respective Annual Implementation Reports”. Can you please specify: * What are the elements that must constitute the object of the cross-analysis? * Should the cross-analysis refer to and document the activities performed by BCOs? * What is the frequency of this cross-analysis?
The approach towards the "cross-analysis of measure implementation" will have to be established, based on common input/output indicators, with contributions from the BCOs and to be defined in the framework of the annual work plan. The "cross-analysis of measure implementation" will have to be provided on a quarterly basis, reflecting information from the Annual Implementation Reports, which include the monitoring indicators, and further information provided by the BCOs. The documentation must also provide overview information of RDPs and OPs implementation and/or the use of Financial Instruments (FI) in the broadband sector for the Commission services.