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16.CAT.OP.89: Service framework contract for the provision of bridging exercises...
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European Defence Agency (EDA)
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Payment scheme
The Call for Tender mentions that "The payment scheme will consist of a final payment of 100% of the order form, following the acceptance by EDA of all deliverables of the corresponding form". Does this imply that the total sum will be paid in one piece and only after acceptance of the last deliverable? If so, could we propose an alternative payment scheme, that also takes into account the long, 24 month contract period and perhaps uncertainty about when which exercises will be held (for instance what if only 3 will be held?)?
The call for tenders is for a framework contract determining the ceiling of the overall services requested (development of the exercise [WP100], conduct of a maximum of 4 exercises [WP 200], Assessment and conclusions of the exercises [WP 300]) and the overall financial ceiling for all services/work packages. The legal obligation will be established through specific contracts/order forms (see page 25-27 of draft contract). For each service (e.g. work package or exercise) a specific contract/order will be issued by EDA. Immediately after the service for the specific contract/order will be delivered by the contractor and accepted by EDA the contractor will be eligible to invoice the value of the specific contract/order form.