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Social business initiative (SBI) follow-up: cooperation between social economy e...
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Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Eligibility of GECES Members
The European Commission’s Social Business Initiative (SBI) counts on the support of an Expert Group on Social Entrepreneurship, officially named “Groupe d'experts de la Commission sur l'entrepreneuriat social – GECES”, who, according to DG GROWTH’s webpage, are “consulted by the Commission on the development, setting up and implementation of all the actions mentioned in the SBI”. Could you please confirm that all members of this group (both the list that joined the group in February 2012 and the one in February 2015), as well as the organizations (companies, NGOs, networks, foundations, etc.) they represent are excluded from participating in this contract because of a conflict of interest? To our understanding, these experts/organizations interact with/advise the European Commission on a regular basis on the SBI, having direct access to privileged information thus making their participation in this tender procedure unfair for the rest of the tenderers.
There is no possible conflict of interests between GECES entities/experts and a possible tender sent since neither the GECES as a whole nor the GECES experts individually have worked on this subject in the GECES, nor have they seen the Term of reference before it was launched/published (29/07/2016). Neither the GECES nor its members and experts have an access to any specific/ additional information which is not available to other tenderers or which would put them in a privileged position when applying under this tender. All work of the GECES is public and can be followed on the GECES website. Therefore nothing prevents any GECES private entity or expert to be part of a possible tender.