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Service contract for providing support in relation to the implementation of the ...
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European Commission, DG ENV+CLIMA
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English (en)
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The tender specifications refer to “Criterion B4 - Team for data management: At least 3 experts with relevant education degree or equivalent professional experience and at least 5 years' professional experience in one or several of the following fields: data collection, statistical data analysis and digital data management including Global Information System (GIS) use and an advanced knowledge of databases management in Excel and Access.” We were assuming that these qualifications are necessary for the preparation of in-depths reports 4 and 6, namely “In depth report 4: Identification of priority areas for improving consistency and inter-operability of EU-wide and national soil monitoring and information systems.” “In depth report 6: The potential of Earth Observation for improving soil monitoring.” Please let us know if this assumption is correct. If not, please let us know for which parts of the tender Criterion B4 would apply. Thank you very much in advance!
Selection criterion B4, as all other B criteria, relates to the competences and qualifications of the team presented in the tender, as evidenced by their CV, for the contract as a whole. however, as suggested, the members of the team with the competences specified in criterion B4 will indeed have to be particularly involved in the preparation of in-depth reports 4 and 6.